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Hiring Eastern European engineers with Loka will on average save you 2 months in comparison to the US. Focus on building product, and we will take care of the rest.

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Why Eastern Europe?

  • Top Talent

    Eastern European engineers consistently rank highest in coding competitions all over the world (Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup, HackerRank)
  • Market Size

    Over 1 million skilled software engineers.
  • Price

    You will on average save $5500/mo by hiring an Eastern European engineer.
  • Credibility

    Companies like Boeing, Volvo, Ford, Scandinavian Airlines, Viber, Samsung, and even Amazon, have engineering offices in Eastern Europe.


Loka helped me think through the scope and implementation of critical new features for my startup’s website. I was impressed by the team’s thoughtful questions — they brought up fundamental points we hadn’t yet considered and helped us take into account the trade-offs of various approaches.

Elizabeth Slavitt

CEO, Speakeasy
Previously CMO, Khan Academy
Working with Loka was a breeze - they set down with us to help define Machine Learning engineering roles for StyleHacks. Once they kicked off the search, we received 3-5 candidate profiles a week and ended up hiring 2 stellar engineers. Thank you to Loka for helping me grow my product.

Anastasia Sartan

CEO, StyleHacks
Backed by Founders Fund and Google
Engineers from Loka have been a great addition to our team. They have been a tremendous help on client and server side development. Code quality is high and communication is frictionless and easy while being located on different continents and in different timezones. We look forward to our continued partnership1

Nicholas Meyers

CTO, Trusty

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